Joel Curtis Music

i compose music for all kinds of projects and online content


I was born in Sheffield in 1978 and have spent most of my life skateboarding and making music.

I got sponsored and later turned pro for Landscape skateboards while also riding for Nike SB's uk team.

From the age of 18 I became a full time skateboarder and got to travel all over the world, seeing some amazing places and meeting all kinds of people.

Since retiring from skateboarding in 2009 I have devoted most of my time to making music which has always been a constant in my life.

I started making music for skateboard videos and it has grown from there into working with people on projects varying from adverts to animation and all kinds of online content.

Some of which have been for; Carhartt WIP, Blind Veterans uk ,Grey Skateboard Magazine  Converse Footwear, Nike SB, Innocent Drinks, Emerica shoes, New Balance shoes , Oasis Denium, Clarks shoes, Sidewalk Magazine, Fabric Skateboards, Slamcity Skates, Escadrille Apparel, Blueprint Skateboards, Ourstudio architectural visualisation agency, and Vans shoes.

I live in Bath, England with my wife Kerry and our two children Logan and Koko.